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Who Should You Invite to Your Next Party?

table full of party supplies, including cups, plates, and balloons

Are you planning to throw a party soon? No matter how casual or formal the event is, one of the most important parts of party planning is deciding on your guest list. It can be a chore for many hosts to determine who to invite, so too many people just try to invite everyone. Sure, it helps you avoid some awkward conversations and can make party planning easier, but it will likely add more stress on the event day. 

Creating your guest list doesn’t need to be stressful. Keep reading to learn how to decide who to invite to your next party!

Consider your budget & venue

Before you start thinking about who you want at your party, you need to consider how many people you can invite. The size of your party will depend on your venue and your budget (because someone has to pay for food and drinks). 

If you’re throwing a large event at a spacious venue, you might not have to be too picky with your list. But if you’re throwing a small get-together in your backyard, don’t feel like you have to spend more than you’re comfortable with just to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Keep in mind that not everyone you invite will be able to attend. But don’t invite too many extra people because you might end up with more “yes” RSVPs than expected.

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Invite people who would enjoy the party the most

Every party has a different atmosphere, and you don’t want to invite people who won’t enjoy the event. 

For example, if you’re hosting a game night, invite people who are just a tad competitive and enjoy learning how to play new board games. But if you’re throwing a multi-course dinner party, invite your friends who call themselves “foodies.”

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t invite people who don’t perfectly “fit” the atmosphere you want to create because they might enjoy being pushed out of their comfort zone.

Think about the mix of people

Focus on inviting people who will appreciate the invitation and will help you host a successful party. That means asking people who have something in common and will enjoy meeting each other. 

I also recommend making sure everyone you invite knows at least one other person besides you. Nothing’s worse (for this introvert, at least) than showing up to a party only to learn that you know the host and no one else.

Don’t let other people bully you

I’ll admit that I have a tough time with this tip. It’s a true weakness for me because I’m a people pleaser.

When you’re planning a party, everyone will have opinions on everything from the theme to the food to the guest list. If you’re inviting any family members, someone will probably insist that you have to invite a third cousin, so you don’t hurt their feelings. But, it’s your party. Don’t yield to pressure from anyone, especially if you have a limited budget or a small venue.

table full of party supplies, including cups, plates, and balloons