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6 Time Management Tips for Your Personal Life

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Time management is how we organize our time to accomplish different tasks. We hear a lot about it when it comes to school or work. But it’s just as important in our personal lives.

As millennial homemakers, we have a lot to do. We keep the house clean, prepare dinner, exercise, spend time with family, connect with friends, and find time for ourselves. With so much on our plates, it’s easy for some of those things to slip our minds or get pushed to the side. And, too often, the things that we drop are the things that rejuvenate us, like self-care or connecting with friends. That’s where time management can help.

Not sure how to have better time management in your personal life? Keep reading!

1. Create a daily to-do list

Without a to-do list, I’d be lost and would have no idea where to focus my attention on any given day. At the beginning of each week, I open a note on my phone and type out what needs to be done. 

Then, I divide those tasks among the days of the week. I try to be realistic about what I can do every day, especially since I typically only have a few hours while Andi is napping. I also try to give myself plenty of grace because I regularly have to push things to later days. 

Once I’ve sorted my tasks, I order them by priority. My priorities might be very different from your priorities. But for me, I prioritize things with deadlines (like work assignments) first. Laundry usually comes second, followed by cleaning the kitchen. I still try to stick to my cleaning schedule, but it’s a lot harder now that I’m a mom.

2. Schedule time for yourself

While keeping your house somewhat clean and cooking for your family are essential things, so is ensuring you have time to relax and rejuvenate. When you’re busy, self-care is usually the first thing to go. So schedule and treat it like an appointment you can’t skip. And it doesn’t matter what that self-care looks like. It might be date nights with your spouse, a bubble bath, time to read, or going to lunch with friends.

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3. Ask for help

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Yes, even if you’re a stay-at-home-mom or a housewife, you can ask for help. Your spouse is your partner. Sit down with them to figure out what has to be done around the house and split those things up. Or, if you’re a new mom like me, ask your spouse to handle the baby for a bit while you just get out of the house without a diaper bag for a few hours.

4. Put a time limit on tasks

Sometimes it takes me hours to clean one room in the house. Not because it was particularly dirty, but because I didn’t want to clean it and keep getting distracted by side tasks. So, I put a time limit (say 15-30 minutes) on the task. When that time is up, I leave the room, even if I’m not done. But, I usually finish within the time limit because I stay focused. It makes the task less daunting because I know when I’ll be finished.

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5. Simplify tasks wherever possible

There are shortcuts for many things that have to get done around the house. If you loath grocery shopping (like I do) and thinks it takes too much time, consider using curbside pick-up or a service Instacart. If you don’t like meal planning, sign up for a program like Hello Fresh. Or, if you never seem to find the time to clean your bathrooms, hire a cleaning service (if it’s within your budget).

6. Multitask

I usually advocate against multitasking when it comes to working. But in your personal life, multitasking can work. For example, if you need to run to Target and want to spend time with your spouse, ask them to come with you, then grab lunch or coffee and turn it into a date. Or, if you want to exercise, put your baby in her stroller and go for a walk.

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white to-do list with a blue border