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9 Tips to Help You Get Motivated to Clean Your Home

woman vacuuming an area rug

Not many people enjoy cleaning their homes. And it can be difficult to find the motivation to do it, especially after you’ve had a busy week. Once the weekend hits, you would probably rather lounge all day in your PJs with a good book or Netflix show, not clean your house. But your house needs to be picked up and cleaned. So how do you find the motivation to do it? Keep reading to find out.

1. Think about how you’ll feel when it’s done

As much as I dread cleaning, I always feel so relieved and relaxed once my home is clean. That’s because I’m not distracted by the dirt and clutter (and worried about something stopping by unexpectedly). Instead, I can focus on spending time with my family or otherwise doing what I love. I’m not just thinking about the neverending to-do list of things that need to be done around the house.

2. Get up & get dressed

If you’re cleaning your home on the weekend or on a day off work, it’s really easy to stay in your PJs. But that might make it easier for you to drag your feet and just stay on the couch all morning. Getting dressed can give you the push and energy you need to get busy and start cleaning.

3. Listen to energizing music

Music can have a huge positive impact on our moods. It can motivate you to finish your workout, and it can encourage you to clean your house. So pick some music that makes you happy and crank it up.

4. Start with something small

Thinking about everything that needs to be cleaned can be overwhelming. So you might give up before you even start. Instead of trying to do everything, start with one specific area to tackle first — it doesn’t even have to be a whole room.

For example, you might start with

  • clearing off the foyer table
  • loading the dishwasher
  • mopping the kitchen floor
  • cleaning the living room windows
  • wiping down the kitchen counter

No matter what you begin with, choose something that has clear boundaries and won’t take long. Once that one project is done, you’ll want to keep going and finish a whole room or your entire house.

5. Ask for help

If you live with your spouse, family members, or a roommate, you don’t have to clean everything yourself. I recommend asking for help with specific tasks to ensure everything gets done and no one is trying to clean the same thing you just cleaned.

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6. Create a cleaning routine

If part of the reason you dislike cleaning is that you feel like it takes all day, then set up a cleaning schedule to do a few things each day. You’ll have more time on the weekends to have fun and relax because your home is already clean. With a cleaning schedule, you’ll have just a few cleaning tasks to do at a time so that you won’t be as overwhelmed.

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7. Set a timer

If you’re overwhelmed by the mess, a timer is a great motivator because you’re only committed for a few minutes at a time (15-20 minutes). And you can take a break when that time is up. Setting a timer will take away a lot of the stress of cleaning because it gives you a set start and end time.

8. Reward yourself

If cleaning your home feels like a punishment, promise yourself a reward when you’re finished. You might watch an episode of your favorite show, spend a few minutes reading, paint your nails, or treat yourself to a cup of gourmet coffee.

I use this same trick for grocery shopping. I don’t like doing it, so I stop by Dunkin’ for an iced coffee and a donut on the way home. It almost makes me want to go grocery shopping.

9. Put it on your calendar

For me, if something’s not on my calendar, it’s not getting done. If it is on my calendar, though, I feel like I have to do it, whether that’s a doctor’s appointment or cleaning the kitchen.

woman vacuuming an area rug