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7 Reasons to Take a Digital Detox This Weekend

woman holding a cup of tea

From our phones and laptops to TVs, we rely heavily on devices to distract us from the world around us and stay connected with current events. Turning off your devices and taking a digital detox for at least 24 hours can greatly improve your life and mental well-being. Keep reading to learn how

Reason #1: Notice the world around you

Putting away your devices gives you the chance to experience the sights and sounds around you. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful the world is when you’re not staring at your phone the whole time.

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Reason #2: Reconnect with your loved ones

You might use your devices to stay in touch with people, but they can also keep you separated from the people closest to you. Why? Because most of us (I’m definitely including myself in this) are guilty of quickly responding to a text message or email when we’re hanging out with people. And we don’t think it’s too big of a deal because everyone else does it, too.

By setting down your phone and turning off your computer, you can give your family and friends your full, undivided attention. This allows you to live in the moment and deepen and improve your relationships.

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Reason #3: Discover new hobbies

Using our devices takes up a surprising amount of time. Time which could be spent toward picking up old hobbies or starting new ones. During your digital detox, try yoga, reading, drawing, or anything else that helps you feel more fulfilled.

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Reason #4: Sleep better at night

The blue light from your screens can mess up your sleep cycle, particularly when you use them too close to bedtime. Turning off your devices can help you get a better night’s sleep because you won’t deal with the blue light or be woken up by notifications in the middle of the night.

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Reason #5: Take time for yourself

Sometimes, we just need time to be by ourselves. But when anyone can reach you at any time, that can be difficult. If you turn off your phone, you will not be immediately contactable and can actually relax and pamper yourself.

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Reason #6: Improve your self-esteem

Spending too much time on social media can cause you to compare yourself to others. You might think that the people you follow are leading richer, fuller, and more exciting lives than you are. But taking a break from social media can help you reflect on what you have. You can focus on what’s actually important in your life.

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Reason #7: Spend less money

How easy is it to buy something when you can just add it to your cart online and click “Check Out?” And a lot of those online purchases are impulse buys or caused by emotional shopping. That can cause you to spend a lot more money than you budgeted for on things that you don’t really need or even want.

When you take a digital detox, you can’t shop online. That means you won’t make as many impulse purchases. And, if you’re an emotional shopper (like me!), you’d have to actually drive to a store to go shopping, which may deter you from going shopping.

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woman holding a cup of tea