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3 Reasons to Keep Dating Your Spouse After You’re Married

husband and wife clinking wine glasses on date night

A little while ago, Jaclyn posted a poll on her Instagram asking how many people went on regular dates with their spouses. When I voted that Drew and I did have regular date nights, I was pretty shocked at how few people had said the same. It really got me thinking. I know it can be difficult to set aside time to go on dates, especially if you have young children. But continuing to date your spouse is such an important thing to do — even if it’s just setting aside one night a week to cook together or watch a movie at home. But why is it so important? Keep reading to find out.

1. Dating your spouse strengthens your relationship

When you have regular date nights (or date days) with your husband or wife, you’ll rekindle your spark and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Setting aside time to spend with each other provides emotional intimacy and allows for uninterrupted communication (no work calls or children to interrupt you). You’re able to reconnect, hold hands, and just talk. Plus, the shared memories you experience during date nights will become the glue that holds you together during any tough times.

2. It keeps your spouse a priority

Before you got married, you probably chose to organize your schedule and time around your significant other. Now that you’re married, that can be a little more challenging. Between work and keeping up with your home, it’s way too easy to take your spouse for granted. By setting aside time for regular date nights (whether that’s weekly or monthly or somewhere in between), you’re giving your spouse 100% of your focus and telling them that you still choose them, even after all this time.

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3. It’s fun to date your spouse

Some parts of “adulting” just aren’t fun, like cleaning the house or paying bills. But dating is fun. You get to create new memories and try new things. Since life can be so boring (and a little crazy), why not take some time off each week and just have fun?

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husband and wife clinking wine glasses on date night