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How to Create a Cleaning Schedule in 5 Easy Steps [Free Download]

how to create a cleaning schedule over a vintage image of a woman cleaning

I have a confession to make – I’m kind of a slob. When Drew and I were getting married, his mom said something to my parents about how someone was finally going to get Drew to clean up after himself. My parents burst out laughing because I am not that person.

I’ve gotten better, and sometimes I’ll get an itch to clean every inch of my house, including dusting my light switches. The rest of the time, though, it’s way too easy to let things slide and pile up. Before I know it, I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of work to do and end up spending my entire weekend cleaning. It’s not fun, and I end up dreading Monday because I didn’t get to relax and recoup before the week started. Not to mention, it was just hard to enjoy my home at all because I felt like I was constantly cleaning.

I got tired of that and decided to try a cleaning schedule. It took a lot off my plate and can help you too.

  1. Your cleaning tasks won’t pile up. You’ll end up spending less time cleaning overall, and you won’t waste your whole weekend cleaning.
  2. You can prioritize. You’ll know that the big, important things get done and won’t be stressed that you don’t have time to scrub the grout or vacuum under the bed.
  3. You can delegate. Everyone you share your home with will know what needs to be done and can help you out.
  4. You won’t panic when someone shows up at your door. You won’t feel embarrassed to invite them in because your house will always be clean. And, you can focus on them instead of worrying that they’re judging your cleaning skills.

If you’re tired of spending your weekends cleaning, keep reading because I’m going to share my cleaning schedule and help you build your own.

Step #1: Figure out how often you need to clean everything

The first step in creating your cleaning schedule is really two steps: figure out what you need to clean and when you need to clean it. Ask yourself what you should do:

  • every day
  • each week
  • monthly
  • every six months
  • once a year

Ideally, your list of daily tasks will be your shortest, and your weekly list will probably be the longest.

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Step #2: Think about who can help you clean

Your weekly list might seem a little daunting. Don’t panic. Remember, you’re not going to do everything in one day, and you might live with people who can help you.

For me, that’s Drew. For you, it might be your spouse, your roommates, or your kids. It could even be a house cleaner to take some of the bigger things off your plate. Whoever you can share the load with, talk to them about what each of you can and will do each week.

Step #3: Be honest about how much time you have to clean every day

You probably don’t have hours to devote to cleaning every day. We all have different priorities and commitments, so create a schedule that works for you.

For example, Drew and I don’t have time to clean at all on Mondays, so we don’t. Does it mean we do a little more on Saturdays? Yea, but it’s still not the full day (usually).

Step #4: Write your cleaning schedule down

How you split up your tasks is entirely up to you. You might clean bathrooms one day and bedrooms the next. Or, you might focus on your floors one day and dusting the next. Whatever you decide – write it down. It’s too easy to forget your schedule or slide into old habits otherwise.  

Want to see my cleaning schedule?

Step #5: Give your cleaning schedule a try

Your first schedule might not be a perfect fit, but try it for a few weeks before you start to tweak it. You’ll start to notice things like: I don’t have as much time on Tuesdays as I thought, or I just don’t want to clean after work on Thursdays. Once you figure out what’s working (and what’s not), readjust and try again.

One last thing before I go: It’s okay if your home isn’t spotless 24/7, so don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or lapse back into old habits. No one’s judging you.

Do you have a cleaning schedule? How’s it look? Let me know in the comments below!

how to create a cleaning schedule over a vintage image of a woman cleaning