Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

white crib with watercolor floral signs hanging above it

Even before I knew I was having a girl, I knew I wanted to decorate the nursery in a theme that could easily grow with my baby. I had spent hours searching Pinterest for inspiration and am so excited to share Andi’s nursery with you!

baby girl nursery with white crib and cream glider
Before anyone says anything, the giant Eeyore and crocheted blanket are never in the crib with my precious baby girl.

Before becoming the nursery, Andi’s room was the guest room. I wanted soft colors that worked with the current wall color (and to incorporate navy somewhere). I landed on grays, navy, peaches, and pinks.

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Sweet dreams

I scoured the internet until I found the perfect watercolor floral print on Spoonflower. It’s called Sierra Floral with Gray and comes in wallpaper and fabric, so I had a lot of fun creating projects with it.

One of my favorite projects is the sign above the crib. I’ve always wanted to make a statement on the wall with the crib, whether that was wallpaper or board-and-batten. But we hope to move in the not-too-distant future, so I didn’t want to do anything we couldn’t take with us. I ended up wallpapering wood boards. Then, Drew helped me frame them in. 

It’s not easy to see (on purpose), but the signs say: “I am kind, I am loved, I am enough.” I want to always remind Andi that she is perfect just the way she is.

Once I found the floral print, I needed another print to complement it. I love checks and plaids, but most of them seemed too rigid next to the watercolor flowers. I was thrilled to find that the same artist who created Sierra Floral also made a watercolor plaid in navy. I used it to create a bed skirt below the mattress. One of the huge benefits of choosing a watercolor plaid is that no one will ever know if my seams and hems are straight.

Lots of cuddles

I love this sweet corner! I used the same watercolor floral print to create a pillow and created a space for me to keep my snacks and water while nursing. I can spend hours cuddling with Andi here.

We installed cellular shades to block out the sun at night. But I knew I wanted to hide them when they were open during the day, so I made a simple cornice to go above the window.

Sentimental moments

A changing table isn’t the most exciting part of a nursery, so I wanted to make it fun for us. The shelves are filled with sentimental items, including a musical doll my mother-in-law bought years ago.

When my mom was little, she received a cute house-shaped jewelry box for Christmas or her birthday one year. It eventually became my first jewelry box. After 60 years, my mom and I asked a talented friend to repaint it and give it a facelift, but now it’s Andi’s first jewelry box.

Books are magic

And finally, this is my favorite wall of the room. Drew and I are both huge readers, and we’ve always wanted to pass that habit down to our children. Jaclyn and Drew’s sister Jamie asked guests to bring a book instead of a card for my baby shower. So these shelves quickly filled up with books and sweet notes to Andi.

The shelves also include two very precious cross-stitch pictures. The first is the birth announcement that my mom made when I was born. And the second is from Drew’s mom. She made it for my father-in-law when she first learned she was pregnant with Drew. 

I hope this post gave you a few ideas if you’re decorating a nursery for your own baby girl!