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30 Things We Want to Do in Our 30s

leftover birthday cake

Today is my 30th birthday, and Jaclyn’s is just over a month away. We thought now was the perfect time to think about how we want to grow in the next decade of our lives. 

Personal & Cultural

  1. Travel overseas. Considering how 2020 is going, it feels weird starting our list with travel. But, I’m optimistic. Jaclyn and I have both been lucky enough to travel overseas at least once before, but we want to explore different cultures now that we can genuinely appreciate it. Where do we want to go? Italy, Scotland, Japan – everywhere!
  2. Learn a new language. We want to be able to make small talk with locals when we travel abroad, right? Jaclyn’s working on Spanish, and I’m trying to learn Italian.
  3. Write a book. 
  4. Set clear boundaries. We can’t be afraid to say “no” so that we don’t take on too much and can be present in every aspect of our lives.
  5. Find the perfect hobby. I like to take on a lot and be busy (hence setting clear boundaries), which means I might have 2 or 3 hobbies at a time. But, that can make it hard to learn something if I’m bouncing between a few. 
  6. Read more, watch less.
  7. Turn off the news. 

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Health & Fitness

  1. Make working out a priority.  
  2. Drink plenty of water. I could easily drink eight glasses of Dr Pepper or coffee a day, but water is a lot harder for me. 
  3. Develop a skincare routine. 
  4. Get enough sleep. 
  5. Create a self-care routine. 
  6. Learn to laugh at ourselves. We don’t want to take life too seriously.
  7. Eat better. 
  8. Slow down. Life is crazy, and sometimes it feels like we’re just going non-stop. 

Home & Family

  1. Start families. Since we’ve both been married for a few years, we can’t wait to become mothers and raise our kids together (Instant best friends? I think so!) Just in case you were wondering – it’s still not appropriate to ask when we’re going to have kids.
  2. Upsize. Jaclyn and I both live in houses that are the right size for us, our husbands, and our animals, but might be cramped once kids are involved.
  3. Invest in things that last. We want to stop buying furniture or decor that’s not high quality and might break quickly. We’re willing to spend a little more for pieces we can have for years to come.
  4. Document life. I am currently terrible at remembering to take pictures.
  5. Pick up the phone more often. I love texting and can be a little awkward on the phone, but gifs and emojis don’t strengthen relationships.
  6. Finish projects once we start them.

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Money & Finances

  1. Save 10 percent of our income. 
  2. Invest more. Yes, savings are essential. But, to set ourselves up for a happy (and relatively care-free) retirement, we need to make our money work for us. 
  3. Live debt-free. 
  4. Get our estates in order. I don’t think anyone wants to think about death, but writing our wills now will make things a lot easier in the future.
  5. Make fewer impulse buys. I have a shopping problem, and impulse buys usually mean I end up with something I use once and then never again.
  6. Give 10 percent back to church and/or charities. 

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Community & Environment

  1. Grow our own food.  
  2. Reduce waste.
  3. Find causes we’re passionate about. Giving back to your community isn’t just about giving money. It’s also about giving time. 
leftover birthday cake