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Our 9 Favorite Trends to Watch in 2022

delicious mushrooms in a skillet

We’re all hoping 2022 is boring, mundane, and a return to normalcy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the little things and update our wardrobes, make new recipes, or refresh our homes. Keep reading to learn some of our favorite 2022 trends to watch.

2022 fashion trends

2022 fashion is all about making a statement and evoking joy through our clothing and accessories.

1. Sequins

From maxi skirts to mini dresses and everything in between, sequins are a surefire way to ensure you’re not hiding from the spotlight this year. We’ve always loved sequins for New Year’s Eve parties or special occasions, but now sequins will permeate your everyday wardrobe.

2. Bright bags

Orange, pink, yellow, green, and bright blue are just some of the colors you can expect to see in handbags this year. Your bag is a fantastic way to express yourself, and there’s no reason it needs to be a neutral color.

3. Pearls

Sure, pearls have never really been out of style. But in 2022, they’ll be everywhere from accessories to clothing. You’re likely to see unexpected pearls adorning clothing, added as necklace charms, or worn as mismatched earrings.

2022 trends pinterest board

2022 food trends

We’re sure to add some of these food trends to our regular rotation. What about you?

4. Mushrooms

Plant-based menus are very popular right now. So people are looking for plant-based meat replacements that still taste delicious. Mushrooms are the perfect solution! They have a hearty texture and absorbent quality that mimics many meat options.

5. Nonalcoholic beverages

When we say “nonalcoholic drinks,” we don’t mean an uninspired mocktail where you just don’t add spirits. Instead, we mean delicious drinks that are designed to never include alcohol in the first place. This is the perfect trend for anyone participating in “Dry January.”

6. Dessert boards

We love a good charcuterie board or cheese tray. Dessert boards are their sweeter cousin that allows you to add an interactive element to the end of your dinner. You can include a wide variety of desserts, like pudding cups, candies, cookies, cake pops, macaroons, and even fresh fruit. And just like charcuterie boards, your dessert board can be as simple or extravagant as you want.

2022 home decor trends

2022 home trends will encourage us to connect with nature inside our homes and continue to create comfortable safe-havens.

7. Shades of green

Some version of green is the Color of the Year for many paint companies, including Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG. It’s even starting to edge out blue as a popular home decor color (although we’ll never let go of our blues!). During the pandemic, many of us started socializing outdoors and spending more time outside. Green is a comforting reminder of that time spent in nature.

8. Layers of texture

If a pillow or blanket is furry, nubby, or adorned with fringe, you’ll likely find it in homes this year. Texture will be everywhere, even on walls using techniques like lime-washing or paint products that mimic plaster finishes. We recommend layering textures to achieve a cozy space. And use a variety of textures, like natural stone, leather, and wood, especially if you use neutral colors. 

9. Biophilic design

Biophilia tries to bring the outdoors into your home by using natural materials, colors, and plants in decor. It’s a trend that’s been growing for years and is now everywhere since we’re trying to reconnect with the natural world. Biophilic design is more than placing a few plants on the windowsill. It includes things like plant-covered walls.

delicious mushrooms in a skillet