3 Reasons I’ve Stopped Buying Trendy Clothes

When I was in college, I tended to buy clothes based on what was in style at the time. Now, I usually purchase clothing based on my personal style instead. I look for silhouettes that are comfortable but slightly fitted. I also try to only buy higher-quality pieces so they will last for a long time. Why did I make the change and stop buying trendy clothes? Keep reading to find out!

1. It’s expensive

When buying trendy clothing pieces, you often end up having to purchase a whole new wardrobe every season to keep up. The clothes you wore last year probably won’t be in style this year.

And trendy clothes tend to be made out of materials that aren’t high quality. So even if a trend sticks around for a while, the clothing item might not last that long. 

Even though the price of a trendy shirt might be cheaper than a classic style, you’ll end up paying for it multiple times instead of just once every few years. So you’ll spend more in the long run.

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2. It’s harder to buy secondhand clothing

I’ve mentioned in a few podcast episodes that I sell a good portion of my older clothing to ThredUp. I also purchase a lot of pieces from there and local consignment stores. When you primarily buy trendy clothing, it can be difficult to find the latest styles used.

3. I regretted a lot of my purchases

When I was buying a lot of trendy clothes, there were too many times when I would wear something once or twice and realize that I didn’t like the item that much or that it didn’t look great for my body type. So instead of buying styles I’d ultimately regret, I started buying pieces that match my personal style. Sometimes I pay more than I would otherwise, but I can continue to wear the clothing for years and feel more confident each time I get dressed.

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