3 Signs You’re Ready to Stay at Home Full Time

As a homemaker, you don’t have to stay at home full time. Many millennial homemakers also have full- or part-time jobs. But if you’ve been thinking about making the switch and staying at home full time, keep reading to find out if you’re ready. 

1. You can live on one paycheck

Everyone has their own reasons for staying at home. But no matter your reason, going from two income sources to one source will be a big adjustment. 

Before quitting your job, take some time to evaluate your budget and make sure you can cover all the necessary expenses. Even if your spouse brings home enough money to support the family, you’ll still need to cut back on a few things to live within your new budget. So also review your spending habits to see where you can save money.

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If you’re not sure you can live on just one person’s paycheck, don’t quit your job just yet. Instead, put your salary into a separate account (maybe your savings account) for a few months. This way, you can practice living off a single paycheck to see if you can truly afford it.

2. You & your partner are on the same page about your staying at home

Even though you’re the one leaving your job and adjusting to a new schedule and new responsibilities, your decision affects your spouse, too. Before you commit and put in your two-week notice, have a few serious conversations with your partner. Talk about your concerns and what you expect will change to ensure you’re both on the same page before moving forward.

3. You crave more quality family time

When both adults in your family work full-time jobs, it can feel like all your time outside of work is devoted to cleaning and running errands. You might feel like you don’t have any time just to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

But, when you choose to stay at home full time, you can get a lot done during the workday and spend more quality time with the members of your household. You won’t feel guilty that the laundry is piling up or the bathroom still needs to be cleaned. 

It will also be easier to plan vacations because you only have to account for one person’s paid time off requests and limits. And if you want to meet up with friends for coffee or your spouse for lunch during the workweek, you can do that.

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stay at home homemaker cutting green onions on a cutting board