7 Skills You Already Have That Make You a Great Homemaker

If you’re thinking about embracing homemaking (whether full-time or alongside your full-time job), you might be worried that you don’t have the skills you need to succeed. But, there are a lot of skills that you’ve probably developed in your life that will make you a great homemaker. Here are seven of those!

1. Planning

Homemakers typically become the planners in their family. From making sure the chores get done to trying not to double-book family events, there are a lot of things you need to plan for. I’ve always been a natural planner, long before I started prioritizing homemaking.

If you want to practice your planning skills, try meal planning. Not only do you need to account for daily dinners and lunches, but you also have to make sure you have food for breakfast, choose when to go to the grocery store, and how to make adjustments or improvise when necessary.

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2. Creativity

Creativity is difficult to define and teach, but you’ve probably picked it up to some degree in your life. It’s best learned in context, and if you want to hone your skill, then homemaking is a great space to do that. From laying out your furniture to planning fun family activities, you learn a lot on the job.

3. Budgeting

Financial stress is one of the main reasons for disagreements in a lot of homes. And, you’ve probably been budgeting to some degree from the moment you got your first job – you had to make sure you had enough money to cover your Starbucks or go to the movies with your friends.

A budget is simply your spending plan and a way to allocate your money, so you know where it goes each month. It’s vital to ensure you have enough to cover your bills and bare necessities, plus (hopefully) a little extra to enjoy life and reach your financial goals.

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4. Organization

If your home and calendar are organized, your life will run more smoothly. You’ve probably picked up some organizational skills from school or your job.

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5. Time management

We all have too much to do and too little time to do it. Time management is all about knowing what to prioritize and how to spend your time. 

6. Goal setting

Setting goals is pretty common in the corporate world, so you’ve probably gotten pretty good at setting them and created a plan to meet them. I use this same skill every year by taking time to set personal and family goals and to create a plan for how to achieve them before the end of the year.

7. Problem-solving

You have a lot of decisions to make and probably need to fix a few things around the house. So, it’s important to know how to solve all kinds of problems in a creative and resourceful way. With good problem-solving skills, not everything will feel like an emergency.

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