7 Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall This Year

It’s almost fall, which is my favorite season of the year! And I love decorating for the fall because I get to bring all the cozy colors inside my home without spending too much money. 

When decorating for a new season, you don’t have to go overboard and completely redecorate your home. Instead, you can keep your home decorated similarly year-round and just layer in a few seasonal items to give it a new look for the new season. Keep reading to learn what to add for fall this year.

1. Use leaves

The fall gives you a unique opportunity to shop your yard. Find branches where the leaves are just starting to change colors and clip them. Then, put them in vases around your home. Doing this will allow you to add fall colors to your decor without spending any money. Plus, you’ll embrace the biophilia trend, which is bringing the outside into your home.

2. Sprinkle in pinecones & acorns

Another great way to shop your yard is by using pinecones and acorns. They look great as part of your tablescape or on your mantel. Plus, they’ll add texture and an authentic fall vibe to your home.

3. Switch out your table linens

Using fall colors in your table linens, like placemats, table runners, and napkins (or even your chargers), can create a cozy vibe in your dining room. Look for muted tones, like soft greens, golds, and oranges.

4. Buy a few pumpkins

Of course, I had to mention pumpkins because they’re a staple when you’re decorating for the fall. Use pumpkins and gourds in varying sizes and colors to create beautiful vignettes on your porch or mantel.

If your local grocery store has beautiful, real pumpkins available, opt for those instead of fake ones. Not only will you be able to choose from a variety of natural colors and sizes, but you also won’t have to worry about storing the pumpkins at the end of the season.

5. Switch out your pillow covers

I’m a big proponent of having a few different pillow covers that you can switch out each season. Switching out your pillow covers refreshes your couch or bed without taking up a lot of space when storing them between seasons. 

Just like your table linens, opt for pillow covers in muted colors. And look for a variety of textures to add more visual interest to your furniture.

6. Light a few candles

The scent of your home is a big part of decorating and can help you get your home ready for any season. For the fall, you might choose scents like spiced cider or pumpkin.

7. Add blankets

You probably didn’t need too many blankets during the summer. But in the fall, blankets act as both decorative and functional pieces. They also add texture to any room.

For the fall, I try to find a few nice ones that are cozy and in neutral colors because I can then use them in my winter decor, too. I keep them folded and nearby during the summer (if I want to curl up in one during movie night), but I like to display them over furniture during the fall and winter.

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woman arranging fall foliage in a vase