5 Tips for Decluttering & Organizing Your Home

Did anyone else binge the entire first season of “Get Organized with The Home Edit” as soon as it was available? In it, Clea Shearer and Joana Teplin organize their clients’ homes and ensure that everything has a dedicated spot. Even the messiest home can look clean for a day or two. But by organizing your home, you can keep it clean all the time – instead of spending hours cleaning. Keep reading to learn five tips for decluttering and organizing your home. 

1. Store things where you use them

You’re more likely to put things away if you don’t have to travel too far to do so. For example, if you take your shoes off as soon as you get home, doesn’t it make more sense to store them in your entryway or mudroom then in your closet (which could be on the opposite side of the house)?

2. Use baskets, bins, and boxes

Containers – baskets, bins, and boxes – can help clear up the visual clutter while keeping things together. Because similar or related items are together, you can easily find everything you need, while also hiding stuff you don’t want to look at every day.

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I use baskets when they can be seen. In my living room, I have baskets on my end table and under my coffee table to store game controllers, Bible study supplies, and records. When the containers are going to be mostly hidden – in my pantry and under sinks, I use clear bins to see what’s in them easily. 

Before you start buying containers, make sure you know what you’ll store in them and what sizes you need. 

3. Throw things out (or donate them)

The Home Edit calls this editing. Marie Kondo talks about keeping things that spark joy. No matter what you call it, sometimes getting rid of things is the best way to declutter. If something doesn’t serve a purpose for you and doesn’t have any sentimental ties, don’t be afraid to get rid of it. The less you own, the less messy your home can get.

If you’re afraid that you’ll regret getting rid of something, store it somewhere for a few months to see if you miss it. (Hint – you probably won’t.)

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4. Label everything

Put labels on your containers with exactly what’s in them. Then, you (and anyone else in your home) can find everything easily and won’t have an excuse for not putting things away.

5. Create a drop zone

Create a designated area in your home to drop-off your purse, keys, and jacket. You’ll know exactly where everything is the next time you leave and won’t have to scramble to find your wallet when you’re running late.

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