8 Easy Date Ideas for the Summer

Summer officially starts next Friday, which means the sun is brighter and the days are longer. My ideal summer date is laying on the beach with a good book in my hand and my husband, Drew, by my side. But we don’t live close enough to the beach to do that every weekend, so we’ll just have to find other ways to take advantage of the weather.

These eight summer date ideas all take advantage of the summer heat and longer days, won’t break the bank, and are a fun way to spend time with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or even your closest friends.

1. Go on a picnic

Grab a basket and fill it with sandwiches, fruit, and a delicious dessert. Then, spread out a blanket in a nearby park and enjoy your meal with good conversation.

2. Star gaze

If the summer sun is a little too hot for you, then push your picnic to the evening and stay long enough to lay back and look at the stars together. Star gazing is one of Drew and my favorite things to do every summer because it gives a chance to slow down and enjoy time together. We usually end up talking about our goals, hopes, and dreams for the future of our little family.

3. Watch an outdoor movie

If you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in movie theater nearby, then head on over to watch this year’s summer blockbusters outdoors. If you don’t have one nearby, then check with your local recreation department to see if they’re offering any outdoor movies this summer.

4. Go to an outdoor concert

I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy outdoor concerts more than indoor ones. They’re a completely different atmosphere and can be a great chance to fall in love with a small local band.

5. Go for a bike ride (or walk)

Going biking or walking is a great way to add a little exercise to a date, and it’s a fun way to see your town from a new perspective. You’ll be surprised what you see when you’re not racing by in a car.

6. Check out a Minor League Baseball Game

I don’t like baseball; I think it’s slow, and I always seem to miss the one exciting moment of the game when I got get something to eat. But, I do enjoy the atmosphere of a baseball park. Minor League games are often less crowded, so you can get good seats. Grab a few friends and have a fun group date night.

7. Go kayaking

If you have a lake or river nearby, rent a kayak and go paddling. If you’re new to kayaking or are afraid you’ll get lost, look for a tour. Don’t forget sunscreen!

8. Go to a nearby amusement park

This is the only date idea that could get a little pricey, but it’s so much fun to go to an amusement park, ride all your favorite rides, and feel like a kid again. Just don’t forget to drink tons of water.