29 Productive Things You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less

Sometimes we find ourselves with just a few minutes of downtime. If you’re anything like me, you probably end up scrolling through Instagram or turning on a favorite TV show. There’s nothing wrong with those options. But we’ve put together a list of 29 productive things you can do in 15 minutes or less. 

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Cleaning your kitchen 

  1. Load your dishwasher
  2. Wipe out your sink with a vinegar and water mixture
  3. Throw away expired food from your refrigerator and freezer
  4. Wipe down the front of your cabinets
  5. Wipe down your countertops
  6. Wipe down your appliances
  7. Wipe out your microwave and put the tray in the dishwasher

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  1. Start a load of laundry
  2. Fold a load of laundry
  3. Put away a load of laundry
  4. Wipe down your washer and dryer

Cleaning bathrooms

  1. Clean the toilet
  2. Wipe down cabinets and countertops
  3. Clean your mirrors

Miscellaneous cleaning

  1. Put away anything that was left out (shoes, keys, your purse, etc.)
  2. Pick a drawer and clean it out
  3. Make your bed
  4. Pick a room and dust the furniture in it
  5. Fold stray blankets and put throw pillows back on your sofa and chairs
  6. Empty every trashcan in your home
  7. Wipe down light switches, doorknobs, and outlets
  8. Dust your ceiling fans

Clear your head & prepare for your week

  1. Unsubscribe from email newsletters you no longer need
  2. Plan your meals for the week
  3. Make a to-do list
  4. Read one chapter of a book
  5. Sort your mail and throw out anything you don’t need
  6. Go for a short walk
  7. Go through your closet and donate anything you no longer wear

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