Season 2, Episode 3 // 2017 Fall Trends

Welcome to the Millennial Homemakers Podcast! In this episode, we share our favorite fall 2017 trends – fashion, food, and home decor!

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Fall Food Trends

  1. Mocktails
  2. Matcha tea
  3. Ramen restaurants
  4. Bars (like baked potato bars, corn-on-the-cob bars, and hot chocolate bars)
  5. Alternative flours & sugars
  6. Apple fries & pumpkin everything
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Fall Fashion Trends

  1. Suede & velvet
  2. Baskets & woven materials
  3. Vintage furs
  4. Nylon coats & military jackets
  5. Asymmetrical details
  6. Couch florals
  7. 70s plads
  8. Green, navy, & brown
  9. Jewel tones
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Fall Decor Trends

  1. Fabric & monochromatic pumpkins
  2. Hygge
  3. Plaid scarves as tablecloths
  4. Shopping the produce section for greenery
  5. Bringing the outside in and the inside out
  6. Extravagant tailgates
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