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The Millennial Homemakers

On the podcast, Jaclyn & Jackie have real-life, honest conversations about all things homemaking – decorating, hostessing, cooking, cleaning, and more.

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Love this podcast!
This is such a great podcast! Jackie and Jaclyn discuss a lot of homemaking topics that can really bring out the simple joys in life and it more enjoyable. I wish more millenials were talking about this subject! So happy that these women are bringing light to it! Thanks for the fantastic tips! - Emily
Millennial Homemaker Magic
As a millennial homemaker myself, I find this podcast to be an absolute delight. I feel like these two are my BFFs. I am so thankful to have this fun weekly podcast in my morning commute lineup. If you listen, join the Facebook group! It’s so nice to meet other millennial homemakers with similar values. I LOVE this community! - Lindsey
Millennial community
Jackie and Jaclyn are entertaining, endearing, and helpful. They describe lifestyle topics so you know the southern hospitality they grew up with & welcoming spirit they have as young adults, and make everything as applicable to your events (everyday and otherwise) across the States. Additionally, they have many ways to gather as a community of ladies & do a great job communicating with their listeners. - Kirsten
Wonderful Podcast
I really enjoy listening to these two women. It’s like listening to a conversation between my best friend and me. They’re filled with wonderful tips and tricks and always give a unique perspective. I’m so glad I found their podcast! It’s my new fave!